Meet, a unique store for ant enthusiasts who want these little critters as pets.
What we had
  • a small amount of organic traffic
The client’s wishes were straightforward: more traffic, higher search rankings, and of course, more customers
What we’ve done
  • conducted keyword research
  • created website structure
  • fixed technical problems and issues
  • created and improved the content of the website
  • optimised meta-tags
  • started a blog
We dived headfirst into the ant-world, conducting meticulous keyword research to architect an ideal website structure. Then we switched gears to fix the site's technical woes, which were seriously discouraging search engines from showing us some love.

Last but not least, we fine-tuned the site's content, optimised meta-tags, and kicked off an engaging blog, all while weaving a smart internal linking strategy. Result? We became the go-to experts in the ant-keeping realm, as far as search engines are concerned
What We Have:
Now this is not just another ant hill; it’s a bona fide ant empire thanks to our strategic SEO actions. Would you like to establish your own dominion in the online world? We're here to make it happen!
Before & After Metrics:
  • Start: The story began in June 2017, with the site already pulling in 500 monthly visitors from organic search.
  • End: Flash forward to now—our ant haven attracts more than 7,000 organic visitors a month! And hey, we've even spiked up to 20,000 on occasion (though let's call that a delightful anomaly).