Dostoevsky-club is a large bookstore in Russia with both online and offline operations.
What we had
  • a small amount of organic traffic
The main goals were to increase organic search traffic and boost brand recognition online.
What we’ve done
  • reevaluated the website’s structure
  • identified keywords
  • optimised meta-tags and internal linking
  • added informational articles
We started by reevaluating the website's structure and its various categories, identifying potential keywords that could elevate the site’s ranking.

Our team optimised meta-tags and internal linking to enhance user experience and content relevance.

Importantly, we fortified the site’s content strategy by adding a wealth of informational articles, thereby establishing a stronger domain authority.
What We Have:
This is a situation where numbers speak better than words:
  • Start: The initial situation in February 2022 showed a monthly organic search traffic of about 150 visitors.
  • End: By November 2022, the site witnessed a substantial increase, reaching 2,700 monthly visitors from organic search.