One of our other projects was the creation of a new website for a pleasant resort hotel
What we had
  • zero amount of organic traffic
  • low level of trust
The main request of the client was to build a new website for a small spa salon connected to the Brigantine Hotel and to optimise for SEO to improve site rankings and drive organic traffic
What we’ve done
  • developed the new website from scratch using Tilda
  • implemented site-wide optimisation
  • leveraged a high-DR link from the hotel's flagship site
  • precisely optimised individual services on the site for improved rankings.
What We Have:
We optimised the website's architecture and framework to make it highly compatible with Google's search engine results page criteria. And as a result our strategy transformed from a complete unknown to a top-ranking contender - at the start (September 21) we had brand-new site with zero traffic and at the end (February 23, 18 months later) - steady 200+ monthly visitors and rising.

Start (September 21): brand-new site with zero traffic.
End (February 23): 18 months later steady 200+ monthly visitors and rising.