ptk-eg—a site dedicated to procuring a variety of certificates for organisations in the CIS.
What we had
  • work from scratch
  • low level of authority
The mission was clear-cut but ambitious for Competing against behemoth aggregator sites, we aimed to increase the site's authority and visibility in search engines, given its specialised subject matter.
What we’ve done
  • optimised content
  • embedded keywords
  • crafted meta-tags
  • created internal linking strategy
  • created and developed blog section
At first we began with Content Optimization - we dove headfirst into fine-tuning the site's existing content, embedding strategic keywords, and meticulously crafting meta tags. Concurrently, we embedded a robust internal linking strategy to create a topical map, ensuring we covered every corner of the site's niche. After solidifying the services pages, we expanded into a blog section, consistently adding valuable content to reinforce the site's topical authority.
What We Have:
Despite the “David-versus-Goliath setup” against large competitors, our precise, dedicated efforts began bearing fruit within just a few months. It's not just about driving traffic—it's about driving the right traffic. Imagine how we can do the same for you!
  • Initial Stature: Barely making a dent in organic search when the client came to us in May 2019.
  • Current Status: Fast forward to April 2022—monthly traffic surged to 800 organic visitors, and we're not stopping there!